EMarketing Module

If you are looking to generate a regular Newsletter to be sent out to Clients and Candidates the E Marketing Module is the perfect tool. If your Newsletter must be delivered by email and you would like the ability to track who has looked at the Newsletter and in particular which element of the Newsletter has been viewed the E Marketing Module provides this functionality. It will give you the ability to target individuals with follow up calls or information which is entirely relevant to content they have previously shown an interest in.

In order to achieve this level of tracking two things will need to be done. The first is to create an HTML email which contains the headlines of the information in this edition of the Newsletter and the second is to create a brochure page which the Newsletter links to. It is at this brochure page where the content tracking can be achieved.

The Chameleon E-Marketing Module which consists of :-

A web based Content Manager which contains an HTML editor in which you or your nominated agency can create and edit HMTL Newsletters for distribution.

A web based Content Manager which contains an HTML editor in which you or your nominated agency can create and edit brochure pages accessed via links in the newsletter. These brochure pages will be displayed in a standard template that mirrors the look of your existing website.

A new Action in Chameleon that can be run from any list of clients and/or candidates and allows users to select a newsletter and send it to the listed contacts. The action can be made available to only approved users.

A tracking mechanism that will create a note history record in Chameleon immediately when a reader clicks the link in the newsletter to access the brochure page. This note history record will be recorded in the normal way against the appropriate contact, and can optionally be alarmed to make a popup on a designated users screen, immediately notifying them of the activity by the reader.

A comprehensive report that can be run at any time for any newsletter to show the number of mails sent, how many of them were viewed, by whom and which piece of content they viewed. The functionality provided will have no restrictions in terms of the number of Newsletters which can be created. It is essentially adding a Newsletter mail shot capability onto the front of the Chameleon database ensuring that to achieve effective electronic campaigns there is no need to update multiple systems or synchronise mailing lists etc. As the consultants go about their daily tasks they will be keeping Chameleon up to date and it is this up to date data which is driving the email marketing.

It is worth bearing in mind that the Chameleon E-Marketing Module can be used in a multitude of ways and not just for distributing Newsletters. Events, Offers, Promotions and much more can all be created managed and tracked providing a very powerful mechanism of E-Marketing with no ongoing per click or per email charges.