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Working with one of the UK's leading Call Centre Operators, Limetree Products developed a flexible Call Centre Solution.

Using the Chameleon Software platform, each deployment can be quickly tailored to specific clients so screens show relevant data capture questions on screen on the correct order. Built in workflow helps drive the behaviour of the operative helping them know when to continue or terminate conversations based on answers to killer questions.

Chameleon gives the flexibility to have a number of different screens inside the same system so in larger call centres where operative handle calls for multiple end clients, each end client can have their own set of questions and workflow. This means the operative simply selects the end client and the relevant questions and workflow for that client are displayed and the operative doesn't have to login and out of a system each time they receive or want to make a call.

All applications are tracked in real time, logged in the database and automatically acknowledged by email and available to be reported on.

If your Call Centre processes applications that may result in a meeting, a powerful diary and event tracking system helps organise and schedule meetings with branded email confirmations.

A truly powerful and flexible Call Centre management solution that can be quickly tailored to your specific requirements.

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Configurable Screens

Killer Questions

Built in Workflow

Diary Management

Applicant Searching

Powerful Reporting

Branded Emails

Meeting Scheduling


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Implementing Chameleon has completely transformed our operation. We moved from a paper based system which was very labour intensive and time consuming to collate our reports.

Now our operators are more fluid on the phone, information is available in real time and we can take on new clients quickly.

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Having reviewed the market, we decided upon Chameleon given the speed it could be configured to suit our needs. We needed a solution that could handle a single operative working on multiple end client assignments and Chameleon demonstrated strong capabilities in this area.

Since deploying Chameleon in our Call Centre, the through put of calls has risen by 23%!

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