Project Management

We believe the key to any successful project delivery is clear communication and planning.

Our Project Managers have a vast amount of experience in not only deploying the Chameleon Recruitment Software application, but the change management process which accompanies every delivery.

Our Project Managers carry an array of practitioner qualifications but above all they approach all projects with common sense.

The number of successful implementation and happy customers is testament to Limetrees approach and effective project delivery.

Business Analysis

When you have a product such as Chameleon with its inherent configurability it is important to know any changes or additions are gong to benefit the whole business. 

With a wealth of recruitment software and recruitment process knowledge, our Business Analysts not only help our clients to map out the correct processes for their business, but offer advice and support based on real life experience.

We feel that it is a key part to any project delivery or customisation to be fully informed of the impact of the changes. Our business analysts work closely with our clients to produce clear and accurate specifications which aid the delivery process ensuring our clients get
exactly what they need.

Here at Limetree we believe that your Recruitment Software should grow with you and that's why we have a number of clients who have our analysts on retained assignments continually working with them to enhance their Chameleon Recruitment Software to drive efficiencies where ever possible. 

If you would like to hear about how a retained assignment could help your business give us a call on +44 (0)203 411 4447


The key to the success of any Recruitment Software application is how it  is used. It is very easy to make a substantial investment in a Recruitment Software application and not receive the full benefits by not utilising all its features.

Limetree offer both on site and off site training sessions which are designed around your business. We don't just train our clients staff on how to use the Chameleon Recruitment Software applications, we train them on how they can get the best out of the system with their specific processes in mind. 

Before each training session is delivered we have a discussion with out  clients to understand how they want the Chameleon Recruitment Software to work for their business and ensure the training reflects this.

Data Conversion

At Limetree we understand the importance of your data. Weather you are moving away from a competitors system or have some data you wish to import, our team of highly skilled technical staff will be able to assist.

We believe the key to any data conversion or import is understanding the data you are dealing with. We involve a business analyst in all of our data conversions and data imports to ensure the correct data is added to the correct place. 

With the customisable nature of Chameleon, should you have a data set which won't map directly to the fields which exist in Chameleon, don't worry, we simply create new fields for you and place them on the relevant screen so you get the maximum benefit from your data.