CRM Software

Chameleon CRM is a powerful and configurable platform to drive your business.

Used to underpin a number of sector specific solutions, Chameleon is utilised by a wide range of clients looking to collect and drive information about their customers, partners and suppliers data all in one place.

By utilising a suit of tools which are part of the Chameleon CRM product, screens, lists, dropdowns, menus and workflows and be completely customised to your exact requirement.

This provides a hand crafted solution without the risk of a bespoke development. Every one of our Chameleon CRM deliveries is slightly different however they all run the same version of software providing stability from day one.

Some key statistics of what Chameleon CRM is doing today:

Managing over 250,000 delivery drivers contact details

Holding the CV's of over 12.4 million global job seekers

Running 12,600 client searches every day

Sending 2,700 emails every hour

Driving the sales activity for companies with a combined turnover of 2.7 Billion pounds.

Chameleon 200Px

Company records

Client records

Email integration

Configurable Workflow

Powerful Reporting

Automated branded Emails

Mobile Access

Integration into Web Portals